Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. What is the cost of advertising through ?

    The cost of advertising through is dynamic as it depends on the market bids. We use a bidding system that allows you to select the amount you are willing to pay per visitor, giving you complete control over your advertising costs.

  • Q2. What is the minimum deposit to advertise on

    If you're looking to advertise through, the minimum deposit required is $100, and for wire transfers, it's $1,000. Once the deposit is made, you can request an invoice from the Billing section of your account. The deposit can be utilized for individual campaigns, and the campaign budget should be at least equal to the bid set for it.

  • Q3. How long does it take for a campaign to get approved on

    Typically, campaign approval takes less than one hour during working hours. However, outside of working hours, on weekends, or during holidays, it may take up to 12 hours. It's important to note that each campaign is manually verified to ensure that it doesn't promote any forbidden content.

  • Q4. What targeting options are available for campaigns on allows you to target your campaign by country, category, and operating system. You can also use the dynamic parameter [siteid] in your campaign URL, which will be replaced with the publisher's website identifier. Additionally, you can remove underperforming websites from your campaign after a test period from your members panel. plans to add extra targeting features such as browser, device, connection type, carrier, day parting, and daily budget. Until these features are added to the dashboard, you can contact the support team to set them up for your campaign.

  • Q5. Is it possible to halt a campaign and receive a refund for any remaining funds?

    Yes, it is possible to terminate a campaign at any point and withdraw any leftover funds from either your Account Available Balance or your campaign's Remaining Budget.

  • Q6. How can you prevent fraud traffic?

    To prevent traffic fraud, CaptADS implements its own protection systems and utilizes third-party verification tools to ensure the quality of each visitor. This process involves filtering out fraudulent traffic before directing it to a campaign, ensuring that only legitimate visitors are sent. By implementing these antifraud filters, CaptADS minimizes the risk of fraudulent traffic and ensures that campaigns receive high-quality visitors.

  • Q7. Which campaigns are prohibited?

    At CaptADS, we have stringent regulations regarding the content of campaigns submitted to our network. We reserve the right to block your account and issue no refunds for any campaign that falls under the following categories: Automatic APK/EXE downloads without a minimum 10-second delay and a proper landing page Malware or phishing campaigns Technical support scams or fake support ads Fake, aggressive, or misleading ads such as those promoting fake flash players or antivirus software Sneaky redirects and cloaking Landing pages that lack content or are non-functional Content promoting violence or hate based on race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity Content promoting incest, necrophilia, pedophilia, zoophilia, bestiality, and other prohibited content as stated in our terms and conditions.


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